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Game Developed for #NoticeMe Game Jam

Best Cover Art Winner

Spirit Lantern. A Game where you venture into a haunted mansion with said Spirit Lantern and rid hallways of those pesky spirits. But Beware! Spirits will get restless when the night falls.

Good Luck and chase those high-scores!

  • Simple arcade platformer with retro 80s NES style graphics
  • Infinite Waves of Spooky Spirits
  • Loads of Score mechanics
  • High scores saved locally


  • This game now has controller support
  • Rebindable controls using the Input 5 library
  • Added artwork to fill the side bars
  • Adjusted the Jumping down controls to more controller friendly 
  • More forgiving combo times


(Opera GX required )


(You can customize controls by selecting CONTROLS in the main menu)

  • Move - LEFT, RIGHT
  • Jump - Z (XBOX = A) (PS4 = Cross)
  • Shine Lantern - X (XBOX = X) (PS4 = Square)
  • Drop Down - DOWN + JUMP
  • High Jump - UP + JUMP

Fullscreen toggle - ALT + ENTER 

Change Border Art - 1,2,3,4,5,6


Sound Effects by Juhani Junkala / SubspaceAudio @ OpenGameArt

Input 5 library by Juju Adams and Alynne Keith


Spirit Lantern - Post Jam Version

Install instructions

  • Extract zip 
  • Run SpiritLantern.exe

Development log


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I love it! My only qualm is there seems to be an input delay when activating the lantern. Not sure if it's intentional to act as a cooldown or maybe my gamepad is having issues.

Seems to have something to do with when you switch floors, there's a tiny delay before you can use the lantern.

Yes, the lantern has a tiny cooldown to kinda prevent spamming. I tried to make it so you get into a certain rhythm when playing efficiently
Thanks for playing and commenting :) 

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so sweet retro